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July 2008: MIPRC Commissioners call on Congress for funding for passenger rail

Delegates of the Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail Commission met with Members of Congress on June 18 to express support of the substantive passenger rail legislation passed by both chambers and to encourage policies and funding to increase passenger rail service.  The MIPRC - an interstate compact commission of Midwestern state legislators, governors and their designees - believes that preservation and expansion of our existing passenger rail system is essential.

Both H.R. 6003 and S. 294 would reauthorize Amtrak and provide for the first multi-year federal program to provide funding for passenger rail improvements and equipment investments.

The MIPRC calls for support of the H.R. 6003/S. 294 conference committee report when it is finalized, as long as it contains authorization of substantive funding for state capital grants at an 80/20 federal/state match.

Additionally, within the FY 2009 transportation appropriations legislation, the MIPRC calls on Congress to:

  1. support full funding of Amtrak at $1.6 billion;
  2. support inclusion of at least $100 million for capital assistance to states for intercity passenger rail projects; and
  3. provide $114 million for Amtrak labor settlements, as recommended by Presidential Emergency Board 242.

The MIPRC calls for additional federal funds dedicated to overhauling more passenger rail cars and purchasing new equipment.  As gas prices continue to rise, states are planning to develop their passenger rail corridors and increase train frequencies, on existing corridors.  However, there is a desperate shortage of passenger cars needed for additional corridor service.  Amtrak's capital plan includes refurbishing 12 stored cars in FY 2009; there are approximately 65 Amfleet I cars, that if restored could be returned to service.  Click here for press release.



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Secretariat services provided by
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