Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail Commission Partners are committed to the Commission's regional, bipartisan and multi-branch approach to passenger rail development and advocacy. MIPRC is proud to acknowledge our Partners: Amtrak; Illinois State University; Emerson Electric; Ohio Association of Regional Councils; Ramsey County Regional Railroad Authority; SMART-Transportation Division (formerly UTU); Southern Illinois University, Carbondale; Teamsters Rail Conference, International Brotherhood of Teamsters; Quandel Consultants LLC; and the University of Illinois.

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Corporate Partners

Quandel Consultants

Friday, November 13, 2015

Quandel Consultants

Quandel Consultants provides engineering, planning, operational analysis, and construction management services to the railroad and transit industries and is a member of the Quandel Enterprises family of companies with offices in Chicago, IL; St. Paul, MN; Columbus, Oh; Cincinnati, OH; Baltimore, MD; Harrisburg, PA; Minersville, PA and Scranton, PA. Quandel has worked with virtually all the Class 1 Freight Railroads, Metra and Amtrak and enjoys excellent relationships with the railroad industry. In addition, Quandel staff offers extensive experience in railroad planning and engineering and has performed work for the Department of Transportation for the States of Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri and Colorado. Quandel was the lead Consultant for the Midwest Regional Rail Initiative (MWRRI) from 2009 to 2012.

Website:  Quandel Consultants, LLC


Non-Profit Partners

University of Illinois

The University of Illinois is recognized as having the strongest rail engineering program in North America. It combines unparalleled educational programs with a vibrant research focusing on critical issues and emerging technologies in passenger, freight and transit systems, with programs in Chicago and Urbana Champaign. Beyond the growth of its own programs, the University of Illinois is taking the lead in proposing the creation of a new national rail effort for education and research at other top institutions. The University of Illinois is dedicated to continually educating and training the workforce that designs, builds and runs the passenger, freight and transit lines that keep America moving!

Website: University of Illinois

Teamsters Rail Conference, International Brotherhood of Teamsters

The Teamsters Rail Conference represents more than 70,000 rail employees in the United States who work as locomotive engineers, trainmen and maintenance of way workers on the five major freight railroads, Amtrak and numerous commuter rail systems and short lines. The Conference was formed in early 2004 after the merger of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and added to in late 2004 when the Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employes also merged with the Teamsters.

Website:  Teamsters Rail Conference

SMART - Transportation Division

SMART-Transportation Division (formerly United Transportation Union) is a broad-based, transportation labor union representing about 125,000 active and retired railroad, bus and mass transit workers in the United States. SMART-TD is the largest railroad operating union in North America, with more than 500 locals. SMART-TD represents employees on every Class I railroad, as well as employees on many regional and shortline railroads, and bus and mass transit employees as well. Widely recognized as the leader among transportation labor groups, SMART-TD is a staunch supporter of passenger rail and has been instrumental in the preservation of Amtrak, our national passenger rail network, and is proud to be a partner with the Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail Commission.

Website:  SMART-Transportation Division

Ramsey County Regional Railroad Authority

Ramsey County Regional Railroad Authority (RCRRA) is established as a separate government unit from Ramsey County, with separate taxing power. The Regional Railroad Authority works with other regional railroad authorities, transit providers and regional stakeholders in the Twin Cities to ensure that adequate resources are available to sustain the existing transit system and to advance the region's long-range transit vision. RCRRA is a partner in the effort to implement more frequent and faster intercity passenger rail service to Chicago. The Regional Railroad Authority owns Union Depot, Minnesota’s premier multimodal transportation hub and event venue. As a Founding Partner of MIPRC and the Minnesota Passenger Rail Commission, the Ramsey County Regional Railroad Authority is committed to the development of sustainable passenger rail service in the Midwest.

Website:  Ramsey County Regional Railroad Authority

Ohio Association of Regional Councils

The Ohio Association of Regional Councils (OARC) includes 23 agencies serving 1,525 municipalities, villages, townships and counties. Regional councils coordinate and work to encourage collaboration among communities and identify priority needs of their regions. Regional councils have a number of important roles that benefit the quality of life and economic future of our local communities in the areas of transportation, environment, economic development, housing, senior services, land use and data collection. Regional councils also help secure financing from a variety of local, state, federal and even private funding sources for projects that have a positive impact on the residential and commercial sectors. Most of Ohio’s regional councils are federally mandated Metropolitan Planning Organizations that bring local officials together to determine transportation priorities and how to allocate federal transportation dollars. OARC is also a member of the National Association of Regional Councils and works at a national level to assertively advocate the issues, policies and interests of Ohio’s regions.

Website:  Ohio Association of Regional Councils


Honorary Partners


Amtrak – America’s Railroad® – is dedicated to safe and reliable mobility as the nation’s intercity passenger rail service provider and its high-speed rail operator. With our state and commuter partners, we move people, the economy and the nation forward, carrying more than 30 million Amtrak passengers for each of the past five years. Formally known as the National Railroad Passenger Corporation, Amtrak is governed by a nine member board of directors appointed by the President of the United States and confirmed by the U.S. Senate. Anthony R. Coscia is board chairman and Jeffrey R. Moreland is vice chairman.  Amtrak operates more than 300 trains daily – at speeds up to 150 mph (241 kph) – connecting more than 500 destinations in 46 states, the District of Columbia and three Canadian Provinces. Learn more at or call 800-USA-RAIL for schedules, fares and other information. Check us out at, Like us on and follow us on Twitter: @Amtrak.

Website:  Amtrak


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