The Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail Commission — an interstate compact commission of Midwestern state legislators, governors and their designees — promotes the growth and development of state and regional passenger rail to create and maintain a modern, clean, efficient transportation network. 



Since 2000, the Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail Commission (MIPRC) has brought together state leaders from across the region to work towards developing and implementing a 21st century passenger rail system. Accomplishing this goal involves adding the Midwest Regional Rail Initiative network and additional state-supported corridors to the region’s existing passenger rail infrastructure.

MIPRC has a primary role in advocating for the federal government to develop an enduring collaboration with states for passenger rail development similar to the partnership it has with states for other modes of transportation. MIPRC also works to ensure that Midwestern states have the support and interstate coordination they need to move forward with the region’s passenger rail improvement plans.

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