Why Development of Passenger Rail in the U.S. is Important   

The development of a modern passenger rail system is an integral component of the intermodal transportation infrastructure needed to move people and goods quickly, safely and economically in the 21st century.  But this essential transportation component has not received the attention currently afforded to other transportation modes. 

With all major metropolitan cities within the 100- to 500- mile range of the Chicago Hub, our region is the ideal candidate for more frequent intercity passenger rail service at higher speeds.  Midwestern state officials and other advocates need to come together and declare with one voice that improvements in passenger rail are critical and necessary.  The Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail Compact provides structure and legitimacy to such a voice.


Federal Railroad Administration's Midwest Regional Rail Plan (October 2021)
The Economic Impact of Passenger Rail Suppliers on Midwestern States (May 2015)
Amtrak's Long-Distance Trains: Brief History, Benefits, Infrastructure Challenges (June 2014)


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